Why do we assess?


For all my clients that I train in person, I always have them perform an assessment prior to determining the program and exercises best suited for them. For example it may seem that if an individual can not squat to full depth or without proper form then I would not program squats for them. But that is not the case, for several reasons. Number one being squatting is a natural and necessary movement pattern that people have been doing for a very long time, so not doing it means you are not having the quality of life that could be achieved otherwise.  The second reason is the problem is going to remain unless you fix all the pieces of the puzzle. It is a popular mindset nowadays that when people can not properly perform a movement they will look for an alternative or just stop doing it all together. That is just putting a band-aid on the issue instead of fixing what caused the problem in the first place. You will absolutely not get the same results by squatting on a smith machine because you hurt your knee, versus fixing what is wrong with your knee and the movement pattern itself which will eventually allow you to squat with free weights. 

So that is why I assess my clients, to see where they are failing to properly execute the movement and to figure out what exactly needs to be worked on. It is not to see what can or can not be done and then find alternatives. The exercises in my programs are basic human movement patterns and there is no excuse to not be performing them or working towards it. 

Steven Watts

Understanding the Programs


Here at Watts Performance Training, the goal is to improve your quality of life. Naturally, each person is different which entails a variety of different goals. Some people may be interested in weight loss, muscle building, strength, performance, or injury prevention. Whatever it is, there is a plan for you! For simplicity sake, I have built four programs that will guide you through achieving fantastic results. 

The first program, and the most popular is the Baseline Athlete Program. The perfect choice for an individual who is new to training or returning after an extended period of time away from training. The 16 Week Program is broken into 4 Phases to help you achieve a solid baseline for becoming more well-rounded as an athlete. The primary goals of this program are to help you build stabilization, endurance, strength, size, and explosiveness. Each phase provides different aspects, really giving you a chance to train for a bit of everything. We will spend a portion of each session working on form and technique as well. By completing this you are going to be versatile while dramatically reducing your chances of an injury when starting up. This will allow you to safely transition to a more advanced program or custom program and continue getting results! 

The second program is my Strength and Conditioning Protocol Program. This is meant for individuals who are comfortable performing the basic movements with proper technique and want to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness that will translate over to real life activities and demands. We will establish maxes over several different rep ranges and tempos, while progressively building up to more weight over the course of the twelve weeks. There will also be a short to medium, high intensity conditioning session after each strength portion to finish off. If you want to bring it on game-day or just out-perform your friends then look no further. 

The third program is my Wellness Fortification Series Program. This is meant for the recreational athlete who wants to improve their fitness, or maintain the health benefits without spending so much time in the gym. It is a four week program where the focus is correcting muscular imbalances, strengthening posture, and maximizing recovery. I highly recommend this to older athletes, those healing from an injury, those who have muscular or joint pain in everyday life, and anyone who wants to improve their general fitness. 

The fourth and final option is my Custom Program. If the other programs don't seem to be what you're looking for then a custom program may be right for you. This includes an in-depth consultation to tailor everything to your needs. Some examples of these custom programs may include training for specific purposes such as bodybuilding competitions, law enforcement or military personnel preparedness, powerlifting, or sports-specific training. To maximize results it is suggested to focus on one or two aspects for the program I make for you to work properly. 

Once you fully finish the program you can either restart the program with increased difficulty or switch to another. It is totally up to you.

That wraps up what the programs at Watts Performance Training are all about. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me. Take the first step now, and improve your life. 

Steven Watts